Welcome to Mrs. Sarver’s Math Class 2017-2018

Lake Asbury Junior High School
At all times, I expect you to…
  • Be Brave… even when it is Scary!
  • Be Persistent… even when it’s Tough!
  • Be Kind and Considerate… take care of each other.
  • Be Engaged! Math is FUN!
Class Rules:
  1. Be Respectful
  2. Be Responsible
  3. Be Honest
Choose Wisely!
Consequences: (for poor choices)
  1. The “Talk” (verbal warning)
  2. In-class Discipline (seat moved, timeout, etc.)
  3. Parent contact
  4. Referral to administrators

Grades for All Classes
§ All students will be expected to be engaged from “bell to bell.” There will be no free or spare class time. Student assignments may be differentiated as dictated by individual student needs.
§ All classes will start with a bellwork activity that must be completed immediately upon entering the room and will be counted as part of the practice grade. Bellwork will not be taken home.
§ Assessments will be conducted regularly.
§ Computer Assignments will be an integral part of the curriculum and will count towards students’ practice grade.

Student grades will be based on the following percentages:
Assessments 50%
Practice 50%

Practice grades will include tasks done in class or at home and may be completed independently, or with a partner or group. Students will grade all of their own practice work. Since participation is crucial and mandatory, students will receive participation grades.

Please Note: There will be relatively few grades in Focus as formative tasks and developmental activities will be included in the participation grade.

Extra Help will be available on certain mornings before school, by appointment only. Students need to ask for an appointment.

Attendance and Participation:
Regular attendance in class is critical to student success. Often, when a student misses class, there is no practical way to make-up the “work.” Class activities will include age/grade appropriate learning opportunities that may or may not involve a traditional textbook. Many activities will not utilize traditional paper/pencil tasks. Collaboration, critical thinking, and active discussion will be expected daily. Students are expected to be engaged as productive members of our learning community at ALL times!


Pencils (Mechanical is preferred, No pens!)
To be left in class:
4 Composition Notebooks
2 paper folders with 3 prongs
Color Pencils
1 Roll of Paper Towels and 1 box of tissues

*Email is my preferred method of contact. Our schedule rotates daily, so my planning period is at a different time each day. If you wish to speak with me, please email me your number and I will call you.